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around the bay area we have good news more sunshine coming our way. autumn sunshine is running politely on the afternoon. no major incidents report as you work your way through the road was today. lots of road work. oakland is going to put more money into technology aimed at cutting down on the gun violence. they were approved last night to get the funding of $350,000 of the stands right now shot spotter's covers how the city and police are hoping they can reach or increase the coverage by about 70%. selling to talk about expanding the crime-fighting shot spotter a
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technology. a woman was hit by flying glass was from a shooting or police say boarded two cars and three homes. city leaders are hoping he this can help make a difference in cases like these. we've had several crucial cases where the shot spotter data has been a crucial point to all of the police department to identify the shooter good application of the shootings. it can pinpoint shops and network nearby officers almost immediately after it was first used in 2006. we know as of so far shots what has been activated in the city of oakland about 4200 times. 911 calls for the shots of rum
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account for up 25%. cristobalite and the community to report shots in their neighborhood. shots were fired between two cars on watt studied estate 580. the oakland tribune reports one bullet riddled one car. he of the act of for 10 mi. because the road was closed for more than an hour. for people are displaced upper fire heavily-her home in san jose. sphere we just arrived on the scene were forced to of the scene. this farce of the blast but runs the mccormick and what people have been displaced. it
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started in the watch. you concede the wooden roof is completely destroyed. it looks like the fire started in a grudge five people have been displaced. they went into a rescue mode. had to get everyone out. there was a little this misunderstanding in between the federal members and who was inside and outside. the american red cross is putting all five into a shelter. no one was injured in the blaze. a peninsula school a meeting about campus safety after an attempted kidnapping of a san francisco and is suspected in a trio of homeless three incidents at a cemetery of debentures schools. or sit is
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the very same man seen marching around two nearby schools early this week. it's very sad to hear that i'm very anxious because it's not good for this neighborhood that these kind of things happen here. it's a lot of anxiety. school officials will hold a meeting this morning to address concerns about students' safety. it's the police record to get some more help. the city council decided to dip into reserve funds to hire at least nonsupport community service officers. the transport people to joe and cooking them. other bay area had lines. a 17 year- old is expected to plead guilty to charges stemming from a fatal collision in concord. suvs slated to the bicycles in the
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world. the fcc's driver david rosen is to the juvenile court today. a separate system and is recovering from of of what's the umpires and the city in seven years. health officials say he was infected locally because he has not troubled recently. the bay area has had four cases of the virus this year. it's clear in san francisco because of the steep ascent carry the seeds preferred a warmer climate. surveillance video and the civic center station shows and what happened. lord says some debris on the truck cost 8,000 v electrical work. as a and see if some people scrambling. two people complained of smoke inhalation. but was the utility's message yesterday. it's a francisco court room and will decide whether pg&e will be held responsible for the 2010 disaster and price could reach
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hundreds of 20's of millions of dollars. safety violations led to that explosion appeared set and new event vacation. officials said the focus would be on the company's plan to protect workers in the event of a pipe leak at a one that led to the richmond explosion and fire to suppress artists. the cable company is disconnecting of three of its california call centers at the end of november and running the jobs out of state. the closures of about zero thousand employees. 700 right here in the bay area they have two options to or in colorado or washington or take the severance package. where you going to do? of my mother didn't take
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although things of life into consideration. the cost of doing business in california it is simply too hard they said. the big time weather in the big time shall looking good. we may even some clearing and towards the coast this week in. we are stockton with local mods. he see the clubs extend along the california coastline. that is going to begin new break up at. 54 and 7 cisco 51 center rose up. a little more sunshine this afternoon ladies in the
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balance. sissies and 70's around the bay. we heard the new accident reported to cost the arm, one. but conditions at 237. north got a 80 connector to 237 that remains closed at so far apart. dumbarton bridge look up for road were crumpled directions. new poll results show incumbent brock obama have strong leads the three key swing states. a cbs news polls and
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shows how he has a lead over mitt romney. that's in about the state or both canada's what campaign today. yesterday was about foreign policy when president obama speaking at the united nations and both canada speaking at the clinton global initiative in the work. a nuclear or ron would threaten the elimination of israel the secured of nations and the stability of the whole economy. a lot of americans including myself are troubled by developments in the middle east. syria has witnessed the killing of tens of thousands of people. the president of the trip to visit a member of the brother of muslims. he both canada its are expected to focus on the state
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of the comet. members of his own party have called for him to drop up after he made a controversial comments about rape. this debate was the final date for the tender this to remove your name from the ballot. or ron and its nuclear program have been the spotlight at the assembly this week. what then hearly this week he reflecn his upcoming speech. i have been coming to the united nations general assembly for eight years now seeking progress and friendly relations with all nations and the objective is still the same. or representatives of various countries have walked out and purchase of a his
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speeches. stretcher paycheck at lunch. it to 70's you to make a home for less than a dollar. some wicked weather in the nation's heartland. the damage from a tornado. ,,
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storm chasers in illinois got a good look at a tornado yesterday. the storm brought winds blow into the street. and uprooted trees and not a good day. no reports of injuries. will enjoy some more
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beautiful autumn weather. so no few patches of fog this morning. for a few large yesterday going to love to dead. " fifties in toward the interior rally. this afternoon here comes the sun shine. what the '60s and '70s as you make your way inland. getting caught in the central valley about 95 in fresno and 91 in sacramento. one fault autumn sunshine but after been. temperatures or two more back into the high 90s vote for the ballot. the measures for today looking at 78 in san jose 76
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impala of so i 72 degrees and oakland 66 in oakland. little toast the bread for the weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s may be low 70's. cooling down towards the beginning of next week. heading toward the golden gate bridge where traffic is so far so good. not too bad this you have across the span. whenever ports of an accident somewhat warm. if you're headed towards a 8237 silicon valley
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everything is ok. we're working on the dumbarton bridge expect delays use december to a bridge as an alternate. some early morning road work on may 80 or sings some i strive times. the symbolism was a downside of hog or four. to bit of service members were killed today during a truck and afghanistan. there were tied by militants in the eastern part of the country. no other details are being made available. so for 285 new service members have been killed
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in afghanistan. more violence is under way and sir you're up to zero explosions rocked the capital of damascus. a car bomb and another explosive targeted syria's army command headquarters and prompting sporadic gun battles. no military personnel has been injured. it's the latest violence and a civil war pitting the president's regime against rebels. there's a general strike today increase. these are live pictures from greece. he concedes a lot damage done by fire. strikers are protesting the new austerity measures. this the first general strike in greece since the country's coalition government was formed in june. protest is being turned violent as police blocked off all access to the parliament building thousands gathered to protest the new taxes.
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airlines are making big bucks from baggage fees. domestic airlines collected more than $1.7 billion from baggage fees in the first half of this year alone. of some of since the fees started two weeks. in 2008. it's up with asian airline is offering a kid freestone on the board. at issue will keep all parts of the airplane fleet of young children 12 and under. some experts that is startling to work. a lot of backlash from angry parents. to you think it may be free quiet sewn on an airplane is a good idea? should if you can get by without
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your morning cup of coffee he were not alone. a new survey finds many professionals feel more productive but work but when they drink coffee. food preparation and service workers top the list of those a caffeine use. the national coffee date is this saturday. we celebrate national coffee day every day of the week here. a new set this is just obie's kids have significantly higher and blood pressure and cholesterol levels. that is according to the university of oxford researchers who looked at nearly 50,000 kids. doctors also detected thing and about heart muscles. doctors should trust it off feeling.
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pediatricians who schedule follow-up tests for patients. even though it is there showed nothing wrong. and some of those cases kids have the the problem surfaced infections. how much as some bagging where the save? what is the cheapest question whether it's in a brown bag court eco friendly lunch box bringing food from home has its benefits. the quality of the food is better. i want to send a month to get lunch. but the biggest benefit is the savings. financial corporate conduct an annual salmon service. he prices for many individual ingredients have risen over the past year overall you can't beat a homemade sandwich from price. my name and ingredients of a local supermarket assembling the searches been doing the month.
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to in the midst of mail. a sandwich on whole wheat with a few slices of tomato cost $1.20. it be of seed. picking lettuce and tomato and mail. the suspect on $29 cents. cheese and tomato on whole wheat cost $1.36. a sudden exit male and a few seasonings into my dissents he be a jet of whole wheat was 61ยข. the cost of all the ingredients for beef sandwich was still cheaper than the same sam which made by someone else. he just kind of midday meals that makes sense. hand the matter what century make a home you probably sit at the very least five bucks
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compared to button up the alley. if you give up your coffee and muffins of every day and put your money did. an inside job hard to if he's tried to rob face vote. this is in for a new music video. white this deal was your finances see how she really looks. 40 million fans can't be wrong. the guilty pleasure that had a a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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plenty of social and afternoon temperatures warm it
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up. of merrill might affect your drive this morning but so far so good on the bay area bridges. lady car that gets down to basics " and that is. to fight back at tabloid attacks on her at 45 lb. weight gain. she posted for rose of herself on her web site yester good. she said she has filed with the disorders since she was 15. it's a duty to assure that women say save their marriage. others don't even want to admit they've read it. hundreds of women and a few men show up at bookstores last month to get the polis on 50 shades of gray.
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i think 50 shades of gray has become an obsession. you get a fever and you can't get rid of it. it's a wonderful story. 7 cisco was the next-to-last stop on to work. she will be in l.a. on friday. i actually pull that out and the gun next to me what ". a thousand california jobs walk away. white they're shutting down as call centers. only in new york city what sparked this fall on the ball this form porous and the manhattan. capt. attempted adoption of
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december to school officials are trying to eas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a on gross national a school bathroom could happen again? with the school principal is doing to ease parents' fears. campaigns court in bucks state. should or rubber cover are waiting. smooth sailing so far are normally commute tito's coming soon. nearly 5:00 now. parents and cemetery of county.

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